European Union wastes Turkey's time, Erdogan tells the BBC

Recep Tayyip Sweden

Turkey's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said he plans to extend emergency rule imposed in the country after an attempted coup on July 15 past year by another three months. "We are comfortable", he said.

Erdogan is granting interviews to selected foreign media as part of the commemorative events marking the quashing of the coup attempt.

Erdogan said the charges stemmed from intelligence gathered by police. In case there was no emergency regime we would not be able to take such steps.

"A number of Western states preferred to remain silent during the coupe attempt, some are still silent".

She said it was disappointing to note that as the people of Turkey fought back to defend their democracy, the rest of Europe merely stood by and watched. The applications were submitted, however, they did not allow the president of Turkey, they did not allow the ministers. "Earlier, the Turkish city of Antalya hosted the G20 summit, and all saw how the event passed".

"There can be no question of lifting emergency rule with all this happening", Mr. Erdogan said in a speech to investors in Ankara as the arrests were being carried out.

Attempts to abandon Turkey in its fight against FETO and other terrorist organizations "are biased, politically motivated and can not impinge upon our motivation to pursue the golden goals of freedom, democracy and the rule of law", Celik said. But such interventions were thought to be history with the election of Mr. Erdogan, who came to power with a reputation as a moderate Islamic democratic reformer in 2003.

Stating that each nation has major turning points in their history, Celik said Turkey has gone through several hard phases throughout its almost 100-year history since being founded as a republic in 1923. No, it didn't. Now, we destroy terrorists in southeastern Anatolia and in mountains. They didn't appraise it.



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