Facebook to rollout ads on Messenger home screen

Ads in Messenger will give companies access to users eyeballs in a new context

A user who taps on an ad may be sent to a company website or may begin a Messenger conversation with an advertiser, depending on how the ad was created. Facebook will offer ad campaigns on Messenger also in combination with ads on the main social network. Like Audience Network, Messenger ads are an additional placement option when businesses run ads on Facebook.

"The report further notes that in a telephonic interview with Venture Beats, Chudnovsky, said "[Advertising is] not necessarily everything, but it's definitely how we're going to be making money right now.

Although ads on the Messenger home screen are supposed to not distract from the user experience, it's already being criticized online. With this attempt, Messenger ads will be able to use the same kind of user targeting abilities.

The company added that marketing material will appear in the main inbox tab between chat threads, meaning that they won't be shown in conversations.

Each message will then encourage users to contact the FCC or Congress to let them know net neutrality is important. The competition would ensure there is one ad or the other for you to put up with when trying to message your friends using the Messenger app. The latest update of Messenger app provides a platform for the marketer to efficiently execute their sales strategy and allows them to interact and conduct commerce with businesses or consumers of particular market domain very quickly. These ads were first tested in Australia and Thailand this January.

In 2016 Facebook also tested sponsored messages.

It has been widely assumed that Facebook was going to monetize its Messenger app at some point and ads were the most logical options. Now with ads becoming mainstream in the home screen, it, however, could be the end of the year for the same to reach all its billion-plus users.



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