Food served by Indian Railways' catering services unfit for consumption: CAG

Food served by Indian Railways in trains and stations unsuitable for eating: CAG report

The CAG also pointed out that bills were not given for the food items served in mobile units in trains. A recent report, however, says that the food served in the railways is quite sub-standard, even unsafe.

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), in its report, has said the catering services in the Indian Railways is serving food that is not suitable for human consumption. They were surprised to see that food stuff were not covered to protect them from flies, insects and dust, rats and cockroaches were found in trains etc.

The report draws from the inspection of selected 74 stations and 80 trains, and the findings will be tabled in the Parliament today.

According to a Times of India, the report said that food items, contaminated foodstuff, recycled foodstuff, packaged and bottled items past their shelf life.

The report also found that the weights and prices of the items sold at railway stations were different from the open market, and that the unit price of food articles sold in railway premises was significantly higher.

The CAG warned that the food served to passengers was unhygenic.

The CAG report points out that this understatement in gross revenue (GR) and AGR was done by adjusting the amount paid as commission or discount to distributors, dealers, agents, etc; promotional free airtime schemes; discounts given to postpaid subscribers; revenue from infra sharing; roaming revenue netted off by discount given to other operators; non-inclusion of foreign exchange gain; Non/short inclusion of interest income and dividend income among others. While a complaint redressal mechanism was put in place, there is no reduction in number of complaints over the years - with the major share of complaints related to over-charging and quality issues.

CAG report commenting on the pantry cars said that 'the policy of switch over from gas burners to electric power equipment in pantry cars to prevent fire mishaps in trains was not followed while manufacturing the pantry cars in Integral Coach Factory at Perambur, ' the report said.

"Blueprint for provision of catering services was not prepared in seven Zonal Railways".



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