Homeland security head to Mexico: US drug use fuels violence

Trump prepares for Putin showdown and vital day at G20

U.S. President Donald Trump hailed progress on trade after meeting his Mexican counterpart on Friday, as Mexico's government said it expected a general agreement on reworking the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by the end of 2017.

In a radio interview, Mexico's foreign minister, Luis Videgaray, described the meeting as "friendly and respectful" and said the wall was not discussed. Trump reportedly referred to Nieto as his "friend" and said the pair was making "very good progress" on discussions of transnational issues like the NAFTA negotiations.

Trump's meeting with Peña Nieto came shortly before his highly anticipated first bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

President Donald Trump is still insisting that he wants Mexico to pay for the wall he wants to erect on the U.S. -Mexico border.

Trump first met Pena Nieto in August 2016 when he was still a presidential candidate.

"We didn't touch on that subject in our conversation, which lasted about half an hour - partly because we have a well-known, significant difference of opinion on that", he said.

The 1994 trade deal is a cornerstone of the Mexican economy, but Trump blames it for shipping American jobs south of the border.

As members of the media were being ushered out of the room, Darlene Superville of The Associated Press asked: "Mr. Trump, do you still want Mexico to pay for the wall?" The border wall is estimated to cost $21.6 billion.

But Trump has spoken less in recent months about getting Mexico to pay for a wall, aimed at controlling the flow of illegal immigration over the US's southern border.

"The president also agreed for now to not talk publicly about this controversial issue", the statement read, according to Reuters.

Kelly, along with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, met with Pena Nieto to discuss approaches to transnational crime, regional security, and economic cooperation.



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