Intel Core i9-7960X 25% faster than AMD Threadripper 1950X

Intel Core i9-7960X

The latest earnings are in and AMD's Q2 the earnings were stronger than expected thanks to demand for its bread and butter products.

Overall, Su said AMD expects to post 23 percent better revenues in Q3 compared to the second quarter, which generated $1.22 billion in revenues. A recent entry in the Geekbench database may provide some insight into that information as well as an early (and very rough) comparison to AMD's 16-core, 32-thread silicon.

Su pointed out that AMD's Ryzen 7 chips initially lagged in 1080p gaming - many said Intel's Core i7 chips surpassed AMD in this area - but most of those kinks seem to have been worked out now and that it won't be an issue when the Threadripper is released next month.

Buoyed by the success of its Ryzen line of Intel Corp. x86-compatible processors and initial favorable reviews of its new Epyc line of chips for the data center, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. knocked its second-quarter results out of the park. Despite a boost to average selling prices, though, AMD continues to trade its parts on a slim margin of 33 percent - around half that enjoyed by rival Intel, giving the company room to considerably discount its products should AMD begin to win back major market share. The operating income for this segment, of $7 million compares very favourably against the loss of $81 million in the same quarter last year. These chips have put AMD in a competitive position, and analysts are likely to look closely at Intel's performance to assess their impact on the Chipzilla. During Q2 AMD saw the first revenue from Epyc data centre processor shipments, but what weighed it down was a slowdown in semi-custom SoC sales.

AMD ended up reporting GAAP revenue of $1.22B with a net income of -$16M. However, it's important to note that these declines reflect the omission of Intel Security from the company's numbers this year.

All other operating loss was US$24 million compared with an operating loss of US$11 million in the second quarter of 2016.

AMD has always been relatively open with its product roadmap, and Su continued that tradition. It's not perfect and performance has definitely taken a little hit since launch, but it finally works well enough to recommend without reservation. Super easy to install, the LEDs are great, and this cooler isn't noisy even under full load. The CPUs are expected to be fully unlocked for users interested in overclocking Threadripper. That's significantly higher than the 27,000-ish scores that AMD's Threadripper 1950X has been managing in the same benchmark. The on-year decrease was primarily due to lower revenues and higher datacenter related R&D investments. It has more parts coming later this year, including "Threadripper", a part for high-end computing, and an integrated CPU and GPU for mobile computing later this year. AMD is shipping new processors for Microsoft's Xbox One X game console debuting in October.



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