Jeff Bezos Is Now the World's Richest Man — Sorry Bill

Amazon profit plunges with breakneck investment in global expansion

Unlike most companies, Bezos still works almost daily at the company's headquarters.

AMAZON founder Jeff Bezos briefly became the richest man on the planet.

For most of us, this kind of individual wealth is unfathomable.

And Amazon will be spending even more to buy Whole Foods if the deal goes through, as expected.

He did not, however, get to keep the position as Amazon stock fell slightly. Bezos finished the day worth $88.8 billion, just behind the $89.8 billion for Gates. Clearly, Amazon can't afford to lose India.

Jeff Bezos demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age.

Forbes said Bezos' net worth was about $90.6 billion when the market opened Thursday.

Jeff Bezos is married to novelist MacKenzie Bezos. In May, CNBC reported the company was considering venturing into the pharmaceutical business next.

My job is to give you the truth without fear or favor, and with no concern about what Bezos might think.

"Too much of a good thing can be wonderful".

Operating income of the company decreased 51 per cent to $628 million in the second quarter, compared with operating income of $1.3 billion in second quarter 2016.

Across the UK it is opening a 60,000 sq ft development site in Cambridge, while another site will be dedicated to developing its Prime Air drone delivery system.

Stay on top of the hottest investment ideas before they hit Wall Street. Tech products from 3D printers to AR glasses are among the other items listed. The company does not disclose the number of Prime subscribers. In fact, it is believed that fitness trackers will become so small they could be implanted in bodies.

Thankyou for reading hope you liked it. In 2014, mobile devices surpassed the human population at 7.2 billion, with smartphones multiplying at a rate five times faster than people. Well, he is the second-richest now. That's a 128.9% increase from last year.

Bezos has been hailed as the smartest guy in business for turning a bookselling platform into a disruptive force that has flipped traditional retail on its head.

And with Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant controlling ~94% of that market, there are only a few avenues for investors to take. His focus on customer service has allowed the company to surpass many other retailers. We included articles about, Inc. Voice-activated digital assistants rely on - who would have guessed it? - voice recognition. He added, "Our video content spend will continue to grow, both sequentially and quarter over quarter". We simply have too many stores. Yet time and again, the pillars of US media provide them all the critical rigor a high school paper typically provides the spring dance committee.

Today's post-Great Recession consumer is deleveraging, paying off her debt, spending money on new necessities such as mobile phones, and paying more for the old ones such as health care.

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