Nevada Declares 'State of Emergency' Over Legal Pot Shortage

Proponents of the emerging pot-for-pleasure industry want to grab a share of the nearly $2 billion tourism business in Sonoma County with events like dinners that incorporate marijuana

In the meantime, Taxation has appealed Wilson's June 20 order and was this week granted an expedited schedule by the Nevada Supreme Court.

The 47 retail stores licensed to sell marijuana in the state began selling recreational marijuana from their stockpiles starting July 1. If dispensaries can't restock their inventory, the public schools could lose millions of dollars in tax revenue.

Taxation officials are warning unless the dispute over who gets to distribute recreational marijuana is settled and fast, stores across the state will run out of product and have to shut down.

But that could change Thursday afternoon.

There are plenty of outlets but not enough distributors, the Reno Gazette-Journal reports.

A statement of emergency could bring relief.

This statement of emergency allows officials to decide if they want to adopt an emergency regulation that could ease the shortage. In the statement, he issued ways to make it easier to obtain a distribution and transportation licenses.

Many Nevada dispensaries had stockpiled marijuana before legalization took effect. Tick Segerblom told NBC News.

Segerblom - who has been a proponent of legalizing recreational marijuana, and even has a strain named after him - said if the Department of Taxation votes in favor of expanding the license eligibility, the cannabis conundrum will be immediately rectified. Lawful distributors can't get the product to the stores quickly enough The emergency action being contemplated is a relaxation of the rules that will allow new distributors to participate in the marijuana market, rather than only the now approved liquor distributors. This is in part due to the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada and a lawsuit they filed which challenged the issuance of licenses claiming they broke with the language and intent of Question 2, the ballot measure to passed in November. "Some establishments report the need for delivery within the next several days", department spokeswoman Stephanie Klapstein said Friday. "I have heard of some dispensaries running on fumes, if you will". Sales are already estimated to have reached $3 million, a third of which will translate to tax revenue for the state. More than 40,000 transactions were reported in the first week, according to St. Martin.



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