One dead in Hamburg knife attack

One dead, several wounded in knife attack at German supermarket

Assailant tried to flee but was chased and tackled by customers.

Bild published a photo on Twitter of the attacker in the back of the police auto.

He later wounded two other men in the supermarket before fleeing, injuring others along the way, before he was overpowered by courageous passers-by.

Germany has been on high alert over the threat of a jihadist attack since Amri's rampage in Berlin, for which the Islamic State group claimed responsibility.

Authorities are trying to determine the man's nationality but said he had a birth certificate from the United Arab Emirates and was seeking papers from the Palestinian Authority mission in Berlin.

A 52-year-old German man was stabbed to death in an Edeka Supermarket.

Shell shocked women and children peeked out of rooms lining the first floor of block 4D, as neighbours of the 26-year-old suspect recounted his sudden transformation from a helpful man to a religious fanatic.

On July 18, 2016, a 17-year-old asylum seeker, wielding an axe and a knife, attacks passengers on a Bavarian train.

The suspect who killed a man with a knife in Hamburg supermarket was a known Islamist, German officials said yesterday, adding that his motives remained unclear as he also suffered from psychological problems.

Hamburg's mayor called for swifter deportations from Germany in the wake of a fatal attack at a supermarket in the city by an asylum seeker who was set to be sent out of the country.

One of the four victims injured in the attack is in a serious condition. One eyewitness described his weapon as a kitchen knife.

The police have opened an investigation to piece together a motive for the assault, and they are looking through his cellphone and other items found in his home, said Kathrin Hennings, a spokeswoman for Hamburg police.

Shortly after the attack, they also tweeted that streets would be closed off and asked people to steer clear of the area. They said initial reports about a possible robbery had not been substantiated. I lost sight of them for a minute and heard a shout of "Allahu Akbar" in the distance.

According to German media, police are now looking for a second perpetrator. A sixth person, 35, was injured while attempting to overcome the suspect.

A major manhunt was executed and 30 minutes later, photos emerged of a suspect in the back of a police vehicle with a blood-soaked bag over his head, according to Bild.



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