Samsung forecasts record Q2 profits

Samsung готовится впервые превзойти Apple по размеру прибыли

Helped by the solid chip sales, Samsung's operating margin, which is the ratio of operating profit to revenue, posted 23.3 per cent in the second quarter, up 7.3 percentage points from a year earlier. Nomura Securities' South Korean arm sees this surge boosting Samsung's operating profit from OLEDs alone to 5 trillion won in fiscal 2017 and 8.4 trillion won in fiscal 2018, well above the estimated 2.8 trillion won last fiscal year.

The factory in Pyeongtaek, 70 kilometres (44 miles) south of Seoul, is the world's biggest and has recently started production after Samsung Electronics spent 15.6 trillion won over the past two years to build it.

Samsung shares are trading at a near-record high of 2.4 million won as of Thursday, as investors look forward to record earnings in 2017 driven by growing demand for chips capable of powering ever more complex servers and smartphones.

The company is set to release its finalized earnings report later this month.

Analysts expected the firm to continue to post strong earnings this year. It would be the first time that Samsung's profit would be higher than Apple's, who is expected to generate $10.6 billion in Q2. The company's market value since the beginning of year has grown nearly on third - to 345,7 trillion won ($297 billion). But analysts estimate the semiconductor division raked in over 8 trillion won in operating profit, or 57.1 percent of the total, as demand for DRAM and NAND flash storage chips exploded amid a global supply shortage. Unless it stuns the market, Samsung Electronics would have performed better than the world's top technology company in terms of market cap.

Despite unaudited results that beat analysts' consensus and a bright outlook for the third quarter, Samsung shares slid almost half a point to 2,393,000 won during Friday's session. The merger between Samsung C&T and Cheil Industries was a major step for him to tighten his control of Samsung Electronics, in which he holds only 1 percent of shares.



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