Samsung is investing billions in manufacturing plants for the next iPhones

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But as well as making its own smartphones, Samsung is also a significant supplier of components to its rival, including Apple. The phone is running on an Android Nougat Operating System with lesser battery of 3,200 mAh. This will be different from the current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, as it is only sold with an internal storage of 64GB. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was beloved by many despite the obvious failings it had.

It seems that Samsung has made the refurbished Note 7 safe. If reports are to be believed, Galaxy Note 8 smartphone will be quite similar to the recently-launched Galaxy S8 Plus especially in terms of design.

The company said the supply will be limited to 400,000 units.

Samsung has started rolling out the June security patch update for the Galaxy S7 in India.

What it won't have is the twin cameras and expected super wide-angle screen the Note 8 is expected to sport, and it won't have the Note 8's expected much higher retail price, either. Independent companies conducting the investigation have stated that the batteries were the cause of the phones catching fire. Such sky-high figures will probably be a big test for Samsung when it comes to customer loyalty. Even the device showed on the FCC document shows the AT&T logo engraved on the device's back side.

After Samsung recalled millions of Note 7 phones, environmental activists have pressured the South Korean tech giant to reuse the electronics parts to reduce waste. Also, the Galaxy Note FE have gone through Samsung's new 8-point safety check process to ensure no problems in the future.

With the Galaxy Note 8 launch less than two months away, this should not in any way be understood as a real product launch, but more like a Sunday garage sale to try to make a few (billion) pennies off some leftovers. This rugged variant has been certified by the FCC and it is more likely coming soon. This processor is the improved version of Snapdragon 83.



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