Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reads Letter from Nine-Year-Old Praising the President

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was interviewed Sunday morning by ABC News George Stephanopoulos who got her to say that the White House now supported a Russian sanctions bill it previously fought back against

Not only did the president end the ridiculous military-funded-transgender-surgery debate in one fell swoop by taking the unexpected yet extraordinary step of banning transgenders from the military altogether, Politico is reporting that his decision might have had something to do with obtaining funding for a much-needed border wall.

Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Los Angeles, who spent four years on active duty with the U.S. Air Force and continues to serve in the reserves, said Trump's action "is not based on facts, it is based on naked bigotry". "I am nine years old and you're my favorite president".

"I like you so much that I had a birthday about you", the young boy wrote.

US President Donald Trump called a reporter "very rude" after she shouted a question asking what spurred today's ban on transgender people serving in the military.

Sanders said Trump likes to encourage competition between his employees.

The letter then posed some questions. Like, how old are you? In a series of Twitter posts Wednesday, Trump said his government would not allow transgender people in the military. Asked about the "chaos" within the White House amid staffing changes on Friday, she brushed it off. It takes 300 gallons of white paint to cover the exterior of the residence.

Asked about the timeline for upcoming guidance, Sanders said, "We'll let you know when we have an announcement".

Sarah Huckabee Sanders all but told Reince Priebus to clean out his desk at Thursday afternoon's press conference. A writer for the Daily Beast publicly apologized for a crude comment about Sanders he tweeted on Friday. "Can we be friends?"

Protesters are planning to show up at the White House Wednesday night and Saturday to show vociferous opposition to President Donald Trump's decision to reinstate a ban on transgender service members.

And where is the "pitcher" that Dylan enclosed?

She announced that president had donated his second-quarter salary, $100,000, to the department of education.

"Does the president have confidence in his chief of staff?"

The money will go towards hosting a camp focused on science, technology, engineering and maths, De Vos added.

In fact, the press briefing was cut short, but Sarah Huckabee Sanders made sure that she had time to read her own bio and Trump's fan mail.

She said she was not surprised by Trump's decision, given his choice of the conservative Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate and despite Trump's claim that he, unlike his rival Hillary Clinton, would fight for the LGBT community.

A study from the Rand Corporation estimated the cost of medical services for transgender individuals in the military at $2.4 million and $8.4 million out of a $6.2 billion medical budget for the military. "The military doesn't care what your sexual orientation or identity is, or who you love".



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