South Dakota GOP senators see hope in revised health bill

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Originally senators were supposed to head home at the end of July.

I urge you to reject the Senate health care plan and get serious about reforming the actual aspects of Obamacare that need reforming.

Senator Susan Collins, a Republican from ME, said: "Minor changes and tweaks will not be sufficient to win my support for the Bill". There are now 52 Republicans in the Senate and 50 need to support it to pass.

Blumenthal said senators have been told to expect a score on the new bill from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office Monday, with a procedural vote coming as early as Tuesday and a final vote as early as Thursday. Numerous other provisions, including coverage for preexisting conditions and the elimination of the employer and individual mandates, have been kept the same.

The Senate Bill will be considered under special procedures that limit debate to 20 hours, preclude a Democratic filibuster and allow passage with a simple majority vote.

Some Senators have already begun offering alternatives which could make it into the revised bill.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) are two conservatives who may be won over by the addition of an amendment they champion which allows insurers to sell cheaper plans targeted to young and healthy people that are non-compliant with ACA provisions. He says he wants that and other changes made to the plan before it potentially passes the Senate and returns to the House.

The White House supports the amendment, and Cruz told reporters on Tuesday that he believes that plan is the key to a deal.

"I think a large part of the frustration in our caucus is that this bill no longer is repeal", Paul said.

Republican centrists fear that slashing Medicaid funding by more than $700 billion could devastate millions of families. "But there is a path forward".

Paul suggested separate bills - one to repeal and one to replace. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said on Fox News Tuesday. Congressman Farenthold says that could speed the process up, but worries people could lose coverage. Yet even he is having trouble supporting the GOP bill.

Still deep cuts to Medicaid in Senate bill. The Republican majority could change the rules if it wanted to, and if McConnell and his colleagues are not willing to do that then it's hard to sympathize with them when they stand around and complain that Chuck Schumer won't let them get their work done. Tim Scott, R-S.C., said Graham had briefed him on the effort but was not involved in negotiating the final text.

"Depends what's in the bill", Cruz said before a lunch meeting where lawmakers talked about the legislation, The Hill reported.



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