The New 'Blade Runner 2049' Trailer Has Landed

Where and how to watch Blade Runner 2049 trailer first [TEASER]

The third full-length trailer will release tomorrow (July 17) on ABC's Good Morning America at 7 am ET.

Here we see Harrison Ford return to his role as Rick Deckard some thirty years after the events of the first film.

We just got a bunch of new footage from the hotly anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott's dystopian scifi classic, courtesy of a brand new trailer. Watch a new trailer here. One recognizable replicant is none other than Dave Bautista. Previous footage and details have shown us Gosling's Officer K in search of Ford's Deckard, but we didn't really know much more about the mysterious handsome girl, the mysterious killer girl, Jared Leto's character or what any of them had to do with one another. Additionally, Ford said earlier this year that the sequel "acknowledges and deals with some of the ethical considerations that technology presents us with".

The trailer also devotes plenty of time to seeming villain Jared Leto and his scary milky contact lenses, and Robin Wright as...someone who provides emotional urgency by saying things like "this breaks the world".

30 years after the original Blade Runner, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford)'s services are once again required.

Blade Runner 2049 stars Ryan Gosling as K, a cop in futuristic LA who unearths a long-buried secret that threatens to destroy society.

Blade Runner 2049 debuted its latest peek on Good Morning America Monday, giving fans a bit more to chew on ahead of the film's October 6 release.



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