Two cousins charged in gruesome killings of 4 Pennsylvania men

Pennsylvania Farm Investigation Found Multiple Sets Of Human Remains, 1 Victim Was Still Identified

The schizophrenic son of wealthy trucking and concrete business owners has confessed to killing four young men after selling them marijuana and burning their bodies at his family's farm in Bucks County, Penn., ABC News reported Thursday.

District Attorney Matthew Weintraub announced at a news conference Friday afternoon that DiNardo's confession to charges in the case led investigators to the discovery of the body of one of the missing men. The other three men, Mark Sturgis (22), Tom Meo (21), and Jimi Tar Patrick (19), vanished between Wednesday and Friday of last week.

Kratz allegedly shot Finocchiaro.

Finally dogs-police officers who reportedly carried out by agents of the law to a common grave in which human remains have been found.

DiNardo, who had run out of ammunition, then used the backhoe to run over Meo and haul all three bodies to one spot where they were buried in a common grave after he tried to burn the remains.

Cosmo Dinardo, 20, was charged with four counts each of criminal homicide, conspiracy and abuse of a corpse as well as with robbery and a weapons charge, documents show. He took Patrick to a remote part of his family's property and gave him a shotgun.

Another Bensalem man, Eric Beitz, who was friends with Meo and Sturgis, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that DiNardo had spent considerable time with them recently, and spoke of "weird things like killing people and having people killed". DiNardo then used the same backhoe to transport the bodies.

All the victims were buried on a farm property in Solebury, Pennsylvania, owned by DiNardo's parents. It was a shocker for him to discover that they were no more after the investigations.

"And I can tell you because I have been there, we would still be looking for Jimmy Patrick's body if I didn't make that deal", said Weintraub.

Using a backhoe, DiNardo then dug a hole to place Patrick's body into, the complaint said.

As police led the handcuffed suspect to a van Thursday evening, DiNardo said "I'm sorry" when asked by reporters whether he had sympathy for the victims' families. Lang says prosecutors agreed to take the death penalty off the table in return for DiNardo's cooperation. As Meo exited the vehicle, DiNardo says he shot him in the back then shot Sturgis as the young man was running away. There, Kratz shot Finocchiaro in the head with a handgun that belonged to Dinardo's mother, Dinardo said, according to the criminal complaint.

On Friday, even with Dinardo in custody, the extent and conditions of his apparent plea deal remained unknown, and he had not been charged in connection with the killings.

A jailed man who has been the focus of an investigation into the disappearances of four men admitted on Thursday that he killed them and agreed to plead guilty to four murder counts, his attorney said.

DiNardo was arrested on 10 July at his home for owning a gun he was not allowed to possess because of his previous involuntary committal to a mental health facility. A separate AP story quotes a source as saying DiNardo sold pot by the quarter-pound. "We will also find ways to celebrate Jimi's life and memory".

The girlfriend of Moe said investigators had exchanged text messages with his companion up to about 19 hours, and then nothing more, which would be "out of the ordinary and unusual", she says.

DiNardo has confessed to police.



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