Woman says "Yes" to proposal during arrest

Muskogee Woman Says 'Yes' To Marriage Proposal During Boyfriend's Arrest

The officers couldn't believe what was happening but chose to help Thompson during his big moment.

Officer Bob Lynch had seen Thompson earlier in the day and recognized him from the several felony warrants out for his arrest, so he followed him to the home.

Turns out, Thompson isn't the first Oklahoma man to propose while under arrest. The entire encounter was caught on police body camera as Thompson got on one knee, CNN reports.

According to NBC New York, Thompson's arrest is related to charges including possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, possession of a controlled risky substance and failure to appear in court. It looks like a few police officials were in favor of the moment, specifically the Muskogee Police Department's spokesman, Lincoln Anderson.

Thompson's girlfriend, Leandria Keith, accepted his proposal, telling NewsOn6: "Oh my gosh is he serious?"

Although he was taken aback when he learned of Thompson's proposal request, Anderson said something good might arise from the instance.

"I didn't want to part ways with her not showing exactly how I feel for her", Thompson told CNN.

Keith said yes, and officers moved Thompson's handcuffed hands from his back to his front so he could place the engagement ring on his new fiancee's finger.

"I was shocked", Keith exclaimed.

Brandon Thompson was celebrating his birthday on the 4-th of july in Muskogee, Oklahoma when police came to arrest him.

The couple says they will set a wedding date once Thompson's legal troubles are resolved. Thompson's next court appearance will be July 17.



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