Former Patriots standout Wilfork officially retires from NFL

Miami football: Vince Wilfork apparently announces retirement in a ribs commercial

For years, Wilfork was the central figure of the New England Patriots, winning two Super Bowls as the biggest body along the defensive front.

He has accumulated 559 combined tackles, two Super Bowl championships and five Pro Bowl selections.

Perennial Pro Bowl nose tackle Vince Wilfork did not have to be dragged over hot coals to make him walk away from the game.

Here is the tweet where Wilfork announced his departure from the NFL.

Wilfork's ability to clog the middle on the defensive line was invaluable for the Patriots, a team whose defensive scheme is built around athletic, hybrid linebackers flying all over the place. Fittingly Wilfork's final game was in New England, where the Texans were eliminated from last year's playoffs.

Wilfork, an avid fan of smokers and all things grill-related, has partnered with Kingsford for an endorsement deal.

"It's been a great run, but the time has come", the 2004 draft pick tweeted on Monday.

"No more cleats. I'm onto smoked meats, baby!"

"No more cleats", says Wilfork, who is wearing overalls. Peace out! I'm outta here!

It also says there will be a Vince Wilfork farewell tailgate at a New England Patriots game on September 7 in Foxboro, Mass.

Wilfork ends the ad by saying he'll be back "but not on that field".



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