How To Get Rachel Lindsay's 30-Pound 'Bachelorette' Finale Gown For Less

What to Watch on Monday: Who will Rachel pick in the live 'Bachelorette' finale?

Eric explained that his relationship with Rachel was the first time he has ever been in love and that it was a lovely thing. He wasn't sure if he was ready to propose, and your girl came here for a PROPOSAL. They were the reality version of Heathcliff and Cathy in "Wuthering Heights". He explains that he was a boy, but Rachel made him a man (in the Fantasy Suite?).

The next day the show producers have given up on subtlety when they keep in the part where Rachel asks Bryan, "What tastes better, the strawberry or me?"

Some viewers, going on what they had witnessed in the editing, complained that Bryan should have been the actual runner-up. It was frustrating for him that he loved Rachel so much, but couldn't convince her to sacrifice her quest for the ring.

What did you think about the outcome of The Bachelorette? Also, Bryan's ideal answers and rehearsed polish raised some red flags with Rachel's family during her home visit, but not enough to stop Rachel from her ultimate decision.

In another questionable fashion decision, Rachel's final rose dress is held together by dental floss. "To me it was so evident what we had was real, and Peter was someone who wasn't sure what he wanted".

Rachel worries this all sounds too familiar like the long term relationship she had before. It's an awkward exchange, but it's a prime showing for Eric and a decent justification for why he should be the next Bachelor.

It seems nearly like Bryan was Rachel's second choice after a few emotionally confusing days with Peter, which is sad to think about given how sweet Bryan was throughout the show and how strong their connection was. They have an incredible time.

Congratulations Rachel and Bryan! Love him or hate him, Bryan is bringing his A-game. While we aren't sure who she'll pick in the end, we DO know that she's now in love and planning to get married.

"My fear is that, OK, you don't propose and I agree to just date you and be committed to you", Lindsay told Kraus, according to the Post. Peter clearly always wanted to be the Bachelor, and I suspect that's really why Rachel was so frustrated. Hoda doesn't hold back when it comes to "The Bachelorette"! "The pressures I feel about being a black woman and what that is and how..."

The rose ceremony was one of the most hard days of my life. But inside of this world, it makes you wonder why our boy is here? At that point I had already made up my mind that I was sending him home. Despite her doubts, she says goodbye to Eric and hands roses to Bryan and Peter. Things got so rough she cried her fake eyelashes off. They go back and forth until they admit they want different things. There's no sign of a proposal or a finale moment. just painful nationwide therapy. Peter and Rachel's interview was messy but riveting because none of that pomp was on display.



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