Mayweather requests to wear 8oz gloves for super fight vs McGregor

Nathan Cleverly to face Badou Jack on Mayweather v McGregor event, August 26

Nathan Cleverly will defend his WBA world light heavyweight title on the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor undercard.

Given McGregor's lack of experience and Mayweather's reputation as one of the sport's finest fighters, many observers are predicting a mis-match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Malignaggi claimed he had been pushed down, rather than knocked down, when images leaked on social media showing him on the canvas during their second spar.

Conor McGregor hit back at former sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi, saying the retired two-time champion was looking for an excuse to leave training camp.

McGregor, who has never fought professionally in a boxing ring, is taking on a 49-0 gargantuan of the sport. Multiple times the ropes kept him on his feet. They were ringing us, anxious about him stumbling out of the auto, incoherent.

It certainly looks like McGregor landed a quick knockdown from a short uppercut that dropped Malignaggi to the mat in one of the videos.

Malignaggi was quick to defend himself, maintaining that the full footage will prove that he dished out an "ass beating" to McGregor. We were anxious about him. "And then he just got out of there and went running".

The 36-year-old said that McGregor "whimpers like a girl" when he receives a body shot, but from the above footage released by Dana White, it looks like "Notorious" has one up on Malignaggi. According to OddsShark, on November 17, 2016 Mayweather was the favorite -2250 (McGregor +950) but his odds have dropped.

He said that the McGregor camp has requested an global judge and they will see if they think that's fair, and take it into consideration. They know what happened last week. Of his 21 MMA wins, 18 of them have come by knockout or TKO for McGregor.

"I don't know how many times they've labeled me a joke", McGregor said.

He said: "I mean, he's that guy that's at the end of his career, I get the feeling he feels the boxing game has betrayed him".



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