NFL: Wilfork signs one-day contract to retire with Patriots


The defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots recently became the first NFL team to purchase their own plane.

The 767 Boeing wide-body jets are depicted with the red, white and blue Patriots team logo and have five Lombardi trophies portrayed on the tail. CBSSports wrote about LeBron James' recovery process and the difficulty of playing so many games on the road as a top athlete and the Patriots are hoping to improve performance with the idea.

ESPN said the team's flight operations will be run out of Providence.

The planes have been retrofitted so that every seat is a first-class seat and some of them recline completely. "At least two of those teams, the Steelers and the Dolphins, took their business to charter-only airline Miami Air, sources said". "He added that in his 43 years in the NFL, one of his biggest surprises was that Wilfork was available with the No. 21 overall pick, which is when the Patriots selected him in the 2004 draft".

After 13 years of taking on double teams and ball carriers, Vince Wilfork has some very exciting plans for life after football: Nothing.

It is expected that team-owned planes will help give athletes a leg up on the recovery process, which is one of the areas that interested the Patriots.

The man let's us know he's okay with smoking meats and cigars to pass the time now, in a retirement video.

He was taken from the practice field in an ambulance after taking a hit to the head and neck. Your dreams of flying to Aruba with Gronk for a weekend getaway just got a little more possible.

We at Avgeekery aren't Patriots fans, we have to ask, will mechanics set the tire pressure intentionally low? "And I don't think you've heard anyone inside the organization say anything but that".



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