Perseid Meteor Shower To Reach Its Peak This Weekend

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On average, the meteor shower should supply roughly 50 meteors per hour; however, sometimes you can get outbursts of 100-200 meteors per hour, while other hours or nights will provide much less.

During a good Perseid shower under ideal conditions, the rate of meteors visible is about one meteor per minute.

And previously, Jassim Lari of the Qatar Astronomy Club recommended heading to any dark location in the country to observe the meteor shower.

Guaranteed they'll have an excellent view point and the group provides telescopes. The brightness of the moon will make it harder to see some meteors produced by the shower.

Rumors have been flying around online that we're set for "the brightest shower in recorded human history". But any night hours Friday through Sunday ought to be full of sparks.

The actual peak of the shower will be 1 p.m. Saturday, not the best time to get a glimpse.

The shower will be best seen from the Northern Hemisphere, so the United Kingdom is in for a show if you look to the north-eastern part of the sky.

The best meteor shower ever?

Unfortunately, the moon being three-quarters full will make it a lot tougher to actually SEE the shower this year. The key to finding these is to find a place not near city lights and not near a bunch of trees, giving yourself a clear view of the night sky. As the pieces of debris enter the Earth's atmosphere, they heat up and burn as they streak across the sky, which is the bright streaking light you see. In the case of the Perseids, Comet Swift-Tuttle is the origin of the display.

This year the Perseids can be seen between now and Thursday, August 24. This year, the shower is expected to produce about 80 to 150 meteors per hour; the effect of the moon means about 40 to 75 meteors will be visible per hour.

The name Perseid is from the Perseus constellation, which is the area from which they appear to travel from in the sky.



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