Samsung To Roll Out Bixby Globally On August 22

Actual photos of Galaxy Note 8 dummy emerge online

The Galaxy Note8 should be the company's first dual camera smartphone and the first Note series device with 6GB of RAM. The tech portal also revealed that the phone would be available for purchase on September 15.

Consumers waiting to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have to wait a bit longer after pre-orders open. Here's a rundown of what else consumers can expect.

Samsung is set to debut the Galaxy Note 8 in just a few days, and the company is putting a lot on the line with its latest launch. If a rising market lifts all two-by-fours, Lowe's could have a good showing as well. To keep the fans excited and get the buzz going around the smartphone, Samsung has been revealing certain teasers from time to time. However, the Galaxy Note 8 may have a square shape, while the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are more rounded at the corners.

While one video focusses on camera features, the other one touts S-Pen. The listing reveals the design and some key features of the upcoming smartphone. The rumored phablet is also closer in price with an estimated cost of $875.

Black and gold options are available and the gadget comes with "fast wireless charging". The flagship phablet is supposedly carrying a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (US model) or an Exynos 8895 SoC (international variant). The last boost happened when the Galaxy Note 5 went from 3GB to 4GB. This indicated the capabilites of the S Pen.

Meanwhile, a Weibo user also shared the live images of Galaxy Note 8, and it also looked identical to previous rumors. The Galaxy Note 7 originally featured batteries from Samsung SDI when handsets began malfunctioning shortly after release. The phone is expected to be launched on August 23 in New York. One of the two videos talks about the Note's dual-camera system which we've known for quite some time was coming. The Note 8 will be unveiled on 23rd August. Please note that both these trailers are in Korean.

According to a report, Samsung has rolled out updates to Bixby, Bixby Global Action, Bixby Wake up, Bixby Dictation, and Bixby PLM in countries like the U.K, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, South Africa, India, Netherlands, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Iran, the UAE, Australia, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Argentina.



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