SC officer survived being shot 4 times. His camera-glasses recorded it.

Cop says 'tell my family I love them' as he records his own shooting

Attempting to detain a suspect in connection with a complaint from a nearby store, Estill, S.C. police officer Quincy Smith was shot four times on New Year's Day 2016, but survived.

Smith, responding to a suspicious person call on January 1, 2016, at the Charles Party Shop on US 321 in Estill, spotted a man walking away from the store who fit the description of the man who the clerks said was snatching groceries from people's hands. He spotted a man, later identified as Malcolm Orr, walking away from the store who fit the description and ordered him to stop.

When he refuses to slow down or even take the mobile phone from his ear, Officer Smith pulls out his taser. "Come here, man. Come here for a second", he is heard calling out the man in the video. Officer Smith was hit multiple times. Orr continues to fire rounds at Smith as he goes to the ground, eight shots in total, before he flees.

After what seems like an eternity and much radio traffic with the dispatcher, during which a bystander comforts the officer, other cops and EMTs arrive at the scene.

-Hampton County, South Carolina, police officer, Quincy Smith, spent $30 to buy his own security eyepiece camera.

"Shots fired!" Smith yells into his handheld radio, the high-definition image spinning as if the glasses were flung from the roof of a building.

Smith scrambled back to his patrol auto and radioed for help as Orr fled.

"If you don't stop sir, I'm going to tase you", Smith said.

Smith was struck at least three times, suffering two broken arm bones and a "life threatening" neck injury. Its first chorus ends on prophetic line: "I won't leave without you, I won't leave without you". "I'm not playing with you!"

Smith moves away from the vehicle and quietly tells the emergency team: 'Tell my family that I love them'.

14th Circuit Solicitor Duffie Stone said the defendant fired eight times, according to the Jasper Sun Times.

The alleged shooter, Malcolm Antwan Orr, 29, was sentenced on attempted murder charges on Wednesday.



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