The US slaps sanctions on Nicholas Maduro's loyalists

Venezuela cyberattack stops several government websites

In light of the tragic events in Venezuela, it's time for us in the media to start calling things by their name, and refer to Venezuelan ruler Nicolas Maduro as what he is - a dictator.

CARICOM Chairman Dr Keith Mitchell (left) will make fresh overtures to Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro (right).

If there's one thing that the Venezuelan political situation didn't need, it was Diego Armando Maradona barging into the conversation. "Venezuela is a fundamental basis of stability in the whole Caribbean Basin", Maduro said.

'The people spoke loud and clear that they remain true to the legacy of Liberator Simon Bolivar and President Hugo Chavez Frias, ' the President added. Ice cream is considered an extravagance in a country where the minimum wage has fallen to $4.75 per month, Borys reports.

The Constituent Assembly's next, and perhaps most significant target, will be Venezuela's legislature, the opposition-controlled National Assembly.

Ortiz said that Article 349 of the Constitution establishes that "Constituted power cannot in any way impede the decision of the Constituent Assembly", meaning failing to recognize any act from the ANC is unconstitutional.

Another consequence has been the "undignified removal" of Attorney General Luisa Ortega, 60, who was investigating Venezuela government officials involved in the billion dollar Odebrecht bribery scheme as well as 36,000 other corruption cases, as well as human-rights violations.

He appeared in a video shot from a secret location rallying supporters. All 5,500 candidates were members of Maduro's socialist party.

He adds that the Organization of American States, where all 34 member states have a vote, has been incapable of adopting measures to try and solve the crisis as Venezuela has rejected them as meddling.

"What we want is to re-establish the broken democratic order", Munoz said, adding that "Chile does not accept military coups, auto-coups or military uprisings". Laws passed by the new body will not need approval from Venezuela's traditional congress, which met on Wednesday to discuss the region's response to the new body.

Economic hardship in Venezuela, where there are severe food shortages, is fueling unrest that has led to over 120 deaths in the last four months. He is the AC Constituent for Barinas Municipality in Barinas State.

Although the meeting in Peru was not unanimous 12 out of 17 ministers called Venezuela a "dictatorship".

"We are with you, with your family and your neighbors in Chacao", Tintori tweeted.

It has issued a 'good will' degree stating that public powers are now under its control.



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