Tropical depression forecast to become Tropical Storm Gert today

Tropical wave moves northwest toward US; but landfall unlikely

The hurricane center said gradual strengthening is expected, and the depression should become Tropical Storm Gert later today. Its forward speed was detected at 10 miles per hour toward the north-northwest. Tropical Depression 8 (TD 8) formed from what was Invest 99L Saturday evening around 10 PM CDT. It is expected to be pushed off to the east by a non-tropical system on Tuesday or Wednesday according to AccuWeather, and is not seen as a direct threat to the USA coast. With its current forecast track, the only impact to the United States will be some increased surf along the coast. This, along with a persistent ridge of high pressure east of the system in the Atlantic, will help to steer the storm away from the American east coast and then out toward open water. Gert is the next name on the 2017 list of hurricane names.

According to the NHC, it is expected to reach tropical storm strength later Sunday.

Additionally, there is a small area off the coast of Africa with a low chance of development over the next few days.

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