Trump goes after Blumenthal: 'He was a phony Vietnam con artist'

Sen. Richard Blumenthal and President Donald Trump

Richard Blumenthal for his Vietnam war "lies" after Blumenthal brought up "potential collusion" between the Trump campaign and Russia Monday. He told stories about his Vietnam battles and....

"And the kinds of statements we've seen about drawing redlines around financial dealings", Blumenthal continued, "about calling the investigation a "witch hunt" or a hoax and the attacks on the team that Robert Muller has assembled, all point to a looming constitutional crisis if the president proceeds with firing Robert Mueller".

Later in the day, Trump tweeted, "I think Senator Blumenthal should take a nice long vacation in Vietnam, where he lied about his service, so he can at least say he was there".

He also praised the press, saying he thinks when the "history of this era is written, the heroes will be the free press and the independent judiciary".

After claiming on multiple occasions that he fought in the Vietnam War, it came to light in 2010 that Blumenthal actually dodged the draft several times before enlisting in the Marine Corps Reserve in 1970 and serving for six years in the U.S.

Trump responded to Blumenthal's comments on Russian Federation in a tweetstorm just minutes later.

"Our national security and the rule of law are at stake, and I'm not going to be distracted or bullied by these slurs", Blumenthal said.

On Monday, Trump also continued lashing out at "fake media" outlets, including the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post for reporting on the Russian Federation scandal rather than on his administration's successes.

Trump has unleashed another Twitterstorm, this one directed at Sen.

In response, Trump said during a luncheon with senators that Blumenthal had misrepresented Gorsuch. "That investigation must be pursued".

Blumenthal and Trump share a dishonorable history with Vietnam service. Now he judges collusion?

Blumenthal responded during a routine Monday news conference at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Connecticut, focused on the senator's support for legislation introduced last Thursday by South Carolina Republican Sen.

Speaking to an audience at a senior center in Meriden, Blumenthal said the abuse of our country's elders is too often overlooked. In earlier tweets, Trump stated that his political base is stronger than ever, despite recent polling to the contrary. However, as far as I know, Blumenthal did not tell stories about his Vietnam battles; nor do I recall him crying.

More recently, son Anthony Malkin, CEO of Empire State Realty, said he is anxious Trump's travel restrictions on people from certain Muslim countries could hurt tourism in NY.



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