Venezuela's Top Court Orders Opposition Mayor Jailed

The hacking group who has declared war to the Venezuelan President

Opposition leaders, meanwhile, vowed to remain in their posts in their only government foothold - the country's single-chamber congress - despite threats from the constitutional assembly to strip them of any authority and lock up key leaders.

The decree giving the body its powers was unanimously approved, said the ruling socialist party's leader, Delcy Rodriguez.

The first vice president of the ANC Aristobulo Isturiz said this will help the country fight "the economic war that Venezuela is facing".

At least 40 worldwide leaders have called on Maduro not to launch the new Assembly, threating not to recognize it.

"We're Chavistas until death", wrote Maradona, who has since struggled with drink and drug problems since leading Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup.

If there's one thing that the Venezuelan political situation didn't need, it was Diego Armando Maradona barging into the conversation.

Delegates of the newly-elected Constituent Assembly forced their way into the palace and ordered guards to prevent opposition congressmen from entering the building, according to the opposition. The protests have been 125 deaths in four months.

Highly concerned that recent developments in Venezuela could lead to further escalation of tensions and hamper a peaceful solution to the crisis, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres again on Tuesday urged the Government and the opposition to relaunch negotiations for the benefit of the Venezuelan people.

He said Guterres is also supporting worldwide and regional efforts seeking to revive talks.

In calling the July 30 election for the constitutional assembly, Maduro said a new constitution would help resolve the nation's political standoff, but opposition leaders view it is a power grab and the president's allies have said they will go after his opponents. She says the U.S.

Despite the strong arm tactics by the Maduro government, the opposition called for another nationwide protest Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court imposed a jail term on the mayor of Caracas, Ramon Muchacho, who is a member of the opposition.

A statement signed by the 12 nations also condemned Venezuela for not allowing foreign donations of food and medicine and for the systematic violations of human rights.

The rights office team said Tuesday that violations included "house raids, torture and ill-treatment of those detained in connection with the protests". The full report of the UN's findings is set to be released later in August.

Foreign ministers from 14 countries are meeting in Peru to discuss the growing political crisis.

The new constitutional assembly has signaled it will act swiftly in following through with Maduro's commands.

Luna said that these 17 countries and those who want to join make up an observation group who will hold their next meeting in September, within the framework of the United Nations Assembly.



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