Apple introduces Apple TV 4K

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While streaming services such as VUDU now offer new films priced between $14.99-$19.99 UHD films typically come at a higher, premium price of $29.99.

Our complete coverage on Apple iPhone event 2017. Cook pronounced the name "ten", but it's written as "X". For comparison, the iPhone 7 includes the A10 chip. Apple TV will have 3GB of RAM.

People who buy the Apple TV 4K will only get the maximum resolution if they're watching 4K video content on a 4K-compatible TV or equivalent monitor or screen.

Apple on Tuesday announced the Apple TV 4K, a new set-top box that supports many more pixels and industry standard HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.

At $US179, it will still be at a premium price relative to competitors, each of which already has models supporting 4K and HDR. It starts at $179, versus $149 for the current model. Apple says it will be available to order on September 15 with shipping a week later.

The CPU performance on the Apple TV 4K is now 2x times as that of its predecessor, thanks to the new A10X processor along with the new version of the tvOS.

The fifth generation of the Apple TV, known officially as the Apple TV 4k, pulls Cupertino's streaming box, last updated in 2015, back to the cutting edge of video. That's a tremendous deal considering the upcharges for 4k content found elsewhere and is the biggest advantage the Apple 4k TV has over competition at the moment. But it has so far struggled to make a big impact. In the product demo, the TV's output looked pretty incredible. That being said, now 4K content is catching up, it might be a ideal time to launch such a product. Apple has pledged to invest $1 billion in original video. If you are anxious about the price gap don't be, 4K content will be available to you for the same price tag as that of the HD content. Apple's spokesperson also said that 4K content will be available from third parties, including Amazon.

The other big software change is Apple's TV app, and the latest version will be available in the United Kingdom on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad by the end of the year.



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