Hillary Clinton Is Done Trying to Be "Likeable" After the 2016 Election

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Loomer said of Abedin's husband, former Dem. Rep. Anthony Weiner, whose teenage accuser showed her face for the first time on television Monday.

Then, in her author's note, Clinton returns to the abolitionist trailblazer. The American people didn't know about it. He was specifically asked why didn't you tell the American people about that investigation?

I've been encountering this attitude frequently over the past few days, and there are rebuttals aplenty. "In my more introspective moments, I do recognize that my campaign in 2016 lacked the sense of urgency and passion that I remember" from Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign.

"Absent that, I believe and I think the evidence shows, I would have won", she said.

Clinton will reveal her reaction to the headlines and happenings throughout the campaign, from her relationship to then-candidate Donald Trump to how she has moved on after the electoral loss.

She gave her opinion about the 2016 election campaign in the book.

While the work could have been bought elsewhere, most Amazon reviews are from people who purchase books on the site.

In a new interview, Hillary Clinton says that Ivanka Trump "should be judged and held accountable" for President Trump's actions in office.

"The linguist George Lakoff both identified this problem and embodied it when he said about Senator Elizabeth Warren, 'Elizabeth has a problem". You don't like the book she wrote.

Each state has a number of electors in the electoral college proportionate to its population - the sum of its number of senators (always two) and representatives in the House.

Clinton gave a wide-ranging and at times personal interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper - which aired Wednesday night during "Anderson Cooper 360". How can a press responsive to public interest waste paper and space for something that only perpetuates the Clintons' huge pocketbooks? "It was just lovely to shake her hand".

Instead of Clinton's victory cover, the magazine memorialized Trump's election with illustrator Bob Staake's "The Wall". It would be easier for conservatives to ignore Hillary Clinton if Hillary Clinton didn't make such a spectacle of herself.



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