Menacing fliers to face lifetime ban

The airlines are serious about the no-fly list Things you need to know

In a series of tweets, Ashok Gajapathi Raju shared that the No Fly list mechanism will ensure safety and will check unruly behaviour on aircrafts. Minister of state Jayanth Sinha said the government will soon come out with rules for providing a unique ID card number with PNR to book tickets to ensure that a person on the no-fly list can not fly by fudging details.

The revised vehicle deals with unruly behavior of passenger on-board aircrafts and at airport premises to be dealt with by relevant security agencies under applicable penal provisions. Asked if VVIPs like MPs will also face these provisions, aviation minister A G Raju said "any flying human being on an aircraft" will face these provisions.

However, other airlines will not be bound by the no-fly list of an airline, the Ministry of Civil Aviation said. In one such incident, Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad earlier this year assaulted an Air India staffer because he could not travel business class in an all-economy flight. Air India and other airlines had barred the MP from flying. The CAR would also be applicable to foreign carriers subject to compliance of Tokyo Convention 1963. The government made the announcement while releasing the revised Civil Aviation Rules (CAR). One will end up in the no-fly list for upto three months if the passenger is found of violating Level 1 (unruly behaviour - verbal) offences like disruptive behaviour, physical gesture and verbal abuse.

6 months for physically abusive behavior such as kicking, pushing and sexual harassment. The final level is for "life-threatening behaviour, including assaults, damage to aircraft systems" that can lead to a ban from two years to a lifetime.

A special Internal Committee will be set up to rule on complaints. The internal committee will have retired District & Sessions Judge as Chairman and representatives from a different scheduled airline, passengers' association/consumer association/retired officer of Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum as Members.

Repeat offenders may face a ban twice that of the previous ban.

The no-fly list will be available on the DGCA website.

He said that internal committee has to give primary report in 30 days and every airline has to maintain a record of the no-fly list. A first in the world, the no fly list has been awaited since some time. A person put on National Football League by an airline will have the right to appeal within 60 days to an "appellate committee" constituted by the aviation ministry.

As per the rules, a passenger who is on a no-fly list, can approach an appellate authority within 60 days, and then a higher court if he or she is unsatisfied with the ruling of the appellate court.



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