Nate Diaz's coach says he needs '$20-30 million' for McGregor trilogy

Say Hello To The Bad Guy Mayweather Vs. Mc Gregor      While the road to the ring seemed Black vs. white in Vegas it was bad boy vs. bad boy

"When people go look up Conor McGregor they see Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) and they see MMA", Robinson said.

"That's a fair trade". And by the way, I didn't think Floyd looked so good at times in the fight. "Now I'm the 155-pound world champion". "Obviously, we're not gonna be as dominant in the boxing realm, just because we're not doing it five or six days a week like they are, but at the same time we're confident and we can definitely compete". His rise to the top in the speed and time he has done is unprecedented. It was embarrassing. It's because that guy couldn't draw a crowd.

As the organisation's premium pay-per-view lure, McGregor's fights continue to break records for Dana White both in terms of gate and broadcasting revenue. Everyone knows that. So he needs to get paid at least $30m easy'.

White promised refunds for those who experienced problems with the feed of the fight which was streamed on Clearly he understands that a rubber match between Diaz and McGregor would be a pretty big deal. The rematch set a UFC record with 1.65 million PPV buys. The publication claimed that the 29-year-old fighter had earned $27 million from his fights alone, plus $7 million from endorsements. "It truly was an amazing and enjoyable camp, and honestly I feel with just a little change in certain areas of the prep, we could have built the engine for 12 full rounds under stress, and got the better result on the night".

"[We want] at least $20 million, $30 million", Richard Perez, the Stockton fighter's coach, told Submission Radio. McGregor and van Heerden sparred leading up to Conor's rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202.

Another industry official said that although that lofty figure ultimately could be reached, it's premature to place the figure that high.

After a successful outing in the first professional boxing match of his career against Floyd Mayweather on Saturday, the MMA superstar is slated to launch his own clothing line next year, reported Wednesday.

"Floyd took him to school, he made him punch himself out and when he was tired he took him out". He now answers the most popular questions and comments from fans.

"I enjoyed the fight".



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