New TVR Griffith: British sportscar brand returns

I never imagined that I’d actually be writing about a new TVR but hey 2017 is full of surprises

Involved in developing the body was Gordon Murray, which used his new iStream technology to simplify the manufacturing process of the carbon fiber and improve structural rigidity. The gearbox comes via specialists Tremac, a six-speed manual rated to 700lb ft at up to 7500rpm.

Embodying TVR's long-standing ethos of the Sprit of Driving - the principle of delivering an involving driving interface where the driver will always be fully in control - the new Griffith uses intelligent engineering over electronic driver aids.

Under the angular hood, as promised, is a Cosworth tuned 5-litre V8 and it outputs 500hp ― not bad at all for a motor without a turbo helping to boost power per cylinder. There's a 50:50 flawless weight distribution.

Although exact figures haven't been revealed, TVR says the new Griffith produces 400bhp-per-tonne.

Housing this is a chassis made of carbon fibre, developed by Gordon Murray Design, resulting in a weight of 1,250kg.

Though this vehicle isn't quite that fast ― 0-100km/h in under 4.0 seconds and a top speed in excess of 200mph ― it too looks for engineering rather than electronic solutions wherever possible to improve performance, handling and driver confidence. The bodywork is composite and aluminum and has benefited from considerably more aerodynamic consideration than any previous TVR, including what's described as a "full ground-effect aerodynamic package" with a flat floor, a novelty for a front-engined auto.

The first Griffith models will come as a special Launch Edition, which gets a full leather interor, special paint options, a bespoke infotainment system and custom alloys. The Griff does also have ABS and configurable traction control: blame the European Union law-makers if you have a problem with that.

After exchanging ownership a few times during the 2000's, the company eventually ended up in the hands of Les Edgar in 2013.

He commented: 'Today's unveiling is the culmination of almost three years of tireless work by the team, and we're all proud to be able to show the new TVR Griffith to the world. "It is entirely fitting that TVR, as such an iconic British marque, should unveil what will be a very exciting entrant to the global sports auto market at our iconic British event", says Lord March of the decision to grant TVR this special privilege. It will go into production in late 2018, with prices starting from £90,000. It will be fitted with bespoke Launch Edition wheels measuring 19 inches in diameter at the front and 20 inches at the rear.



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