NHC: Hurricane Jose not a concern to the US

Caicos after Irma

Hurricane Jose remains a 75-mph Category 1 hurricane far east of the Bahamas that is forecast to do an unusual loop before taking a northerly route.

It's now about 430 miles NNE of Grand Turk Island.

Hurricane Jose, a Category 2 storm with winds of 105 miles per hour, is on a path that theoretically could bring it near the Bahamas by Saturday. Its minimum central barometric pressure is 28.59 inches.

In a pocket of weak steering winds in the open Atlantic, Jose is expected to make a clockwise loop.

Caicos before Irma
Caicos before Irma

The National Hurricane Center called Jose an "amorphous blob of deep convection", in its 11 a.m. advisory. Satellite images of Jose resembled an "amorphous blob" looping in small counterclockwise motions in the Atlantic, where it would remain for the next three days, according to the National Hurricane Center. The strength and location of this ridge will determine how far Jose moves westward before eventually turning north and then east again. Whether it impacts our forecast is still uncertain. There is generally not a dominant weather feature that is steering the storm, so model forecasts can vary widely between each other and from run to run.

Current long-term forecast models for Jose are all over the map next week. The loop back toward the coast comes after Jose is expected to travel southwest - essentially backwards - and then move closer to shore.

Hurricane Jose's surf and rip currents could become enhanced along the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and the outer banks of North Carolina later in the week and over the weekend, AccuWeather meteorologist Brett Rossio has said. There will still be enough moisture for scattered showers, but it will in no way be a washout or bring a flash flood threat to the area.



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