Nintendo releases 'Minecraft' for New 3DS

Minecraft for New Nintendo 3DS now available get it in the eShop

Nintendo has just announced the availability of Minecraft for its new 3DS systems, saying it is available for anyone to get via the company's eShop. This version of the game features both Survival and Creative modes of Minecraft. Developer Mojang's seminal pixel-art sandbox game has made its way to pretty much every other gaming platform out there, from Windows Phones to Oculus Rift headsets to even single-board Raspberry Pi computers. The older, original 3DS and 2DS models are too slow to run Minecraft, apparently. This new version of the game was revealed out of scenic nowhere during the recent Nintendo Direct presentation. You can either play the game using touch controls which is an innovative take on Minecraft world while the traditional button and analog controls can be used for a more laid back experience. The N3DS "Minecraft" will also have new additions in the form of five skin packs for characters and two texture packs for the blocks, some of them patterned after Nintendo properties.

New Nintendo 3DS Edition is out today on the Nintendo eShop, with a physical version coming in the future.



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