Syrian government has used sarin gas on civilians

Syrian troops have been battling against Islamic State

"Government forces continued the pattern of using chemical weapons against civilians in opposition-held areas".

Most of the dead from these attacks are directly on the head of Barack Obama.

The Assad regime has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons.

In its most important direct finding of banned chemical weapons use by the regime, an inquiry today dismissed alternative theories promoted by the regime, Russian Federation and some journalists for the deaths in Khan Shaykhun, near Hama, on April 4.

August 7, 2015: The UN Security Council agrees to form a panel of experts to investigate chlorine attacks in Syria. Mr Pinheiro said: "It is our task to verify these allegations and we concluded... that this attack was perpetrated by the Syrian air force".

After a few days of high political and diplomatic tension between the U.S. and Russian Federation (which strongly backs the Syrian regime), Washington and Moscow strengthened their political and military agreement in Syria in the name of "the fight against terrorism", thereby aiding Syrian government forces directly and indirectly in various areas of conflict.

Mosques are protected under worldwide humanitarian law and must not be attacked unless they are used for military purposes, such as if an Al Qaeda meeting was being held there.

Locals and the Britain-based Observatory accuse ISIS group of being behind the attack.

Patients at an MSF hospital in Aleppo say a mortar round hit their house and "after the explosion, a yellow gas filled the living room".

August 2, 2016: The Observatory reports 24 cases of suffocation in Saraqeb, a rebel-held town near Aleppo.

Syrian government officials have denied responsibility, and said last month that they would allow in United Nations teams to investigate. "The aerial campaign also targeted medical facilities throughout the area, resulting in a severe weakening of their ability to provide assistance to victims of the sarin attack and a consequent increase in the number of civilian casualties. ese attacks constitute clear violations of global humanitarian law and the Convention on Chemical Weapons, the report notes, which the Syrian Arab Republic ratified in 2013 following a previous sarin attack".

"Reporting on such heinous crimes and violations is the core of our work", said the Commission Chair, adding that the panel has a duty to attribute responsibility accordingly, regardless of the perpetrator. The OPCW later says sarin gas was used.

It was in response to the Khan Shaykun attack on April 4 that President Donald Trump ordered an attack on a Syrian airbase, firing 59 Tomahawk missiles at an airbase near Homs on April 6.



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