Terrorism arrests rise sharply in year to June

There have been a record number of terror-related arrests in year marked by attacks

Sky News home affairs correspondent Mark White said that, as a rule, while many people are initially arrested after a terrorist attack - including family members of the suspects - they may be released after questioning and investigations.

The United Kingdom made a record number of terrorism-related arrests over the past year, newly-released government data show.

It is the highest number in a year since data collection began in 2001, and includes dozens of people held after raid in the wake of the London and Manchester attacks.

The figures have soared by 68 per cent since past year, reaching the highest level since records began.

A senior detective the Home Office said that figures showed there was no such thing as a "typical terrorist" and that those arrested came...

The 379 total includes 57 arrests made in connection with the Westminster (12 arrests), Manchester (23 arrests), London Bridge (21 arrests) and Finsbury Park (one arrest) attacks.

Eight people were murdered by three jihadis who drove a van across London Bridge before attacking people with knives in Borough Market in June. The numbers also reveal the highest ever number of female arrests, with a total of 54 women, including 17 under the age of 18, detained.

Of those arrested, 50% were eventually released without charge, while 105 people were charged with terror-related offences.

But most were not, and even without those major incidents, terror would still have been up by 102 on the year before.

Five hundred investigations, involving 3,000 individuals, are being run by the police and MI5 at any one time.

Of this number, 185 people - 91% - of them held Islamist extremist views, and ten others (5%) held far-right views.

Since mid-2013, the authorities have thwarted 19 plots - including six since the Westminster attack.



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