Volkswagen plans electric option for all models by 2030

Volkswagen ID Crozz II concept 2017 Frankfurt auto show

Volkswagen has a spiffy new MEB chassis designed specifically for electric cars.

Volkswagen projects that one in four of their vehicles will be electric by 2025.

We'll get the first of these in 2020, when the I.D. and the I.D. Crozz go on sale. "And we will lead that transformation", said Müller.

Carmakers are spending heavily to develop and improve electric cars to meet increasingly tough government regulations aimed at limiting air pollution. Diesel, meanwhile, was a convenient choice because it generated peppy acceleration while emitting about a fifth less Carbon dioxide than comparable gasoline engines. The statement is a little broad, since an electrified powertrain can range anywhere from a 48-volt mild hybrid system, to a plug-in hybrid or full electric powertrain. So VW was the first major automaker, announced the release of electric vehicles for the mass market. The company says the i Vision Dynamics can hit 200 kph (124 mph) and accelerate to 100 kph (62 mph) in a quick 4.0 seconds.

Volkswagen is throwing the fire power of brands such as Audi, Porsche and Skoda behind the push, aiming to overwhelm the likes of Tesla Inc. with its size and market power and transform from a battery-vehicle laggard into a leader.

But this is just the start, as VW says it is researching solid state battery technology with the potential to reach 1,000 miles per charge, an unprecedented figure in the electric vehicle industry, but one VW says could be possible by 2030.

As a number of countries introduce tougher controls on gasoline and diesel vehicles, the decision by the leading carmaker will likely further accelerate the global shift to electric cars. This announcement has come as part what is being called the largest electromobility campaign in the automotive industry.

"Financially we're very robust", Mueller said in a Bloomberg TV interview.

It estimates that around 25% of its new vehicles - up to 3 million a year depending on market developments - could be purely battery-powered in 2025.

The I.D. vehicle that will be revealed will most probably be a large saloon auto that will be revealed at the 2018 Geneva Motorshow.

In addition to spending 20 billion euros, the automaker announced plans to place battery-tech orders worth more than 50 billion euros by 2025.

It's home turf for Wolfsburg-based automaker Volkswagen at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is where the company has unveiled the latest iteration of the I.D. Crozz concept, adorned in a new Hibiscus Red Metallic hue.



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