Where To Buy The SNES Classic Mini In Australia

SNES Classic Sells Out in Minutes at Gamestop

Old and young heads alike were stoked over news that video game company Nintendo would be dropping the Super Nintendo Classic console earlier this year. But more are on the way.

Walmart (wmt) has said that it will have SNES Classic Edition units in its stores "while supplies last".

8Bitdo made a wireless gamepad for the NES Classic and it's doing the same for the SNES Classic. Less lucky was suburban Chicago, which had been entirely cleared out by lunchtime - sorry Charlie - as had most of the stores we lucked out on this morning. "Once we do, our customers will be the first to know!" More of a perk of the online service rather than the definitive way to play classic Nintendo games on the Switch.

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ThinkGeek will have the SNES Classic Edition available on September 29

And it comes pre-installed with 21 classic games including: The Legend of Zelda; Contra III Alien Wars; Donkey King Country, and Kirby Super Star. Not wanting to get stuck with games they can't sell, production numbers have been rather conservative for their consoles since.

Although the SNES Classic Mini was a no show at E3 2017, we now have the official word from Nintendo about the mini console. An included controller, shaped like the one that came with the 80s original, was included in the box and an optional second could be added for two-player games. And furthermore, just because there's an online store, that doesn't mean people wouldn't go nuts for an affordably priced bit of hardware that just gives them their favorite games. "If you really want to secure one head over and get on line!"

This is all following Nintendo's claims it won't have the same problem as it did with the NES Classic before discontinuing it. But you can argue that's perhaps part of the charm.



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