2 employees killed in escape attempt at prison in Elizabeth City

Employees injured in attempted prison break in Pasquotank Co.

Two prison employees are dead and several were injured during an attempted escape Thursday afternoon at Pasquotank Correctional Institution, officials said. Three other prison employees remain hospitalized in critical condition at a local hospital.

The official did not indicate if the injured were prison employees, law enforcement personnel or inmates.

The fire was startd at about 3 p.m.in the speciality sewing plant, where about 30 inmates make embroidered logo items, safety vests and other items, according to a statement from the Pasquotank-Camden Emergency Management Agency.

Walker said the prison remains on lockdown as the Pasquotank Sheriff's Office and the State Bureau of Investigation begin a probe of Thursday's incident.

Two employees of North Carolina prison were killed while many injured in an unsuccessful escape attempt on Thursday, according to the authorities. The prison is now under control and locked down, with all inmates accounted for in multiple counts. In his statement, Cooper said, "Those who work in our prisons do a hard and demanding job that is critical to our safety". Fires were set in the jail sewing plant and a few workers were harmed, as indicated by the tweet.

The College of the Albemarle Elizabeth City campus has also been closed due to safety concerns.

Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools revealed to CBS offshoot WTKR a rudimentary, center and secondary school were on lockdown after an occurrence at a close-by imprison.

After school events and athletics at all three schools were cancelled.

The statement further added that students who were heading home in school buses were brought back to their respective institutions, to avoid them being home alone, in case the prison-break had succeeded.



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