Amber Alert continues for 3-year-old Texas girl, father arrested

Sherin Mathews

Authorities issued the statewide Amber Alert on Saturday afternoon.

Investigators say 3-year-old Sherin Mathews was last seen by her father around 3 the 900 block of Sunningdale in Richardson, Texas. Fifteen minutes later, when Mathews returned to check on the girl, his daughter was gone, Sgt. Kevin Perlich told the Houston Chronicle. But police said she was only reported missing hours later, after 8 a.m. of that day.

Officers from the Richardson Police Department have sent out a Child Abduction Alert and are searching for 3-year-old, Sherin Mathews.

Police arrested her father, Wesley Mathews, on Saturday evening.

He posted bond and was released from jail on Sunday.

Mathews at one point told investigators that coyotes have been seen in the alley, but investigators say there's no indication that one might have dragged the girl away.

As it stands, city, county and state law enforcement are all working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to try and find little Sherin Mathews. Richardson police also stated that Sherin was adopted from an orphanage in India two years ago, NBC5 reported.

New information is out about the arrest of a father whose daughter is now missing. She is described as standing 3 feet tall, weighing about 22 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair.

He named a number of agencies who are involved in the search along with local law enforcement, including the FBI, Texas Rangers, The Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and forensic specialists.

Sherin was last seen wearing a pink top and black pajama bottoms. He said, "God will reward you".



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