Courageous woman becomes social media star by wrestling with shark

Hands down the most Australian thing I have ever seen: The video was uploaded to social media and watched almost 20,000 times in 24 hours

In this video, the courageous lady who has been dubbed the "shark wrangler" is seen picking it up and throwing it back into the ocean. Hatheier felt sorry for the shark and chose to be a good Samaritan.

Sydney real estate agent Melissa Hatheier has attracted a fair bit of attention after catching a shark with her bare hands on Monday and returning it to the ocean.

She amazed onlookers by swimming alongside it before calmly lifting it out the pool, over and wall and dropping it into the sea. When most people notice a shark swimming in the pool they're in, their instinct would be to get the hell away from it.

The incident happened in Cronulla, south of Sydney in New South Wales, and was captured on video before with it posted on Cronulla Real Estate's Facebook page.

Thankfully, it turned out to be a Port Jackson shark, which are "considered harmless to humans", according to the Australian Museum.

"I was warned that there was a shark".

Hatheier swam into the pool to grab a hold of the shark before carrying it to the edge of the pool and tossing it back into the ocean. I just thought I would try and catch him.

"So I herded him into the shallows and then I just sort of got on my knees. With his fins, I picked him up and helped him back".

"I wouldn't have done it with a great white", she said.

Then again, turns out the woman in question, Melissa Hatheier, is a real estate agent, so, you know, (insert joke about fellow predatory species here).



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