Dove apologizes for 'racist' Facebook ad

IN TWEETS: Dove slammed for racist ad

Blake captioned the screenshot with: "So I'm scrolling through Facebook and this is the #dove ad that comes up.... ok so what am I looking at".

The ad has since been deleted.

First you see a Black woman wearing a brown shirt, then she transforms to a white woman wearing a beige shirt.

Dove issued mea culpas via Twitter and Facebook saying it "missed the mark in thoughtfully representing women of color and we deeply regret the offense that it has caused". In May, the brand promoted custom bottles that were meant to celebrate the diversity of body shapes, but became the butt of jokes on Twitter.

Others on social media have used the incident to spread the word about black-owned beauty businesses (that won't use their advertising budgets to portray marginalized people as "dirty", or the "before" stage of a beauty makeover).

Dove has since removed the ad.

"Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it", wrote Facebook user Megan Blair.

Mary Braden, of Baltimore, Maryland, wrote, "That's not missing the mark, that's ensuring that I will never buy another Dove product and I will encourage every one I know to join me".

The cosmetics company said it "deeply regret (s)" the offence caused, admitting the images "missed the mark". "We are committed to representing beauty of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes". In 2011, a controversial ad showed three women standing in front of a wall designated in "before" and "after".

On Sunday, The Guardian published another statement from Dove regarding the controversy over its latest ad.

Dove is a company that has branded itself on supporting women's "real beauty" with campaigns aimed towards body positivity and empowerment. An opportunity to sell product to women of colour.



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