Download 'Animal Crossing Pocket Camp' Right Now on the Australian App Store

An Animal Crossing mobile game reveal is coming on Wednesday

Nintendo said the game will arrive sometime in November. But just like any free-to-play phone game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp also features microtransactions in the form of Leaf Tickets.

Pocket Camp isn't quite the full-fledged Animal Crossing experience some might have been hoping for, but it's surprisingly close.

After creating your personalised campsite manager avatar - whether that be a girl or a boy - you can collect resources such as fruit and wood to hand to Cyrus to craft furniture and decorative items for your campsite, such as couches, benches, baskets, and plants. If you want to get a new bed made, it might take a while in real time, or you could just spend some Leaf Tickets and have production sped up.

If you're still wondering what the point of the game is or why this announcement matters, the answer is to be fun and cute and also we could all really use this right now. The game tasks players with managing their own campsite, and includes Animal Crossing staples like fishing, bug catching, arranging furniture, and making friends with various sassy talking animals. The legions of fans that have followed the series over the last 15 years are getting a full-fledged Animal Crossing experience on their phones, which is the ideal platform for your cutesy digital campground away from home. If you add someone to your friends list in the game you can return to visit them any time, no player ID required again. Next up is a version of Animal Crossing for smartphones.

Pocket Camp's essential services are spread across multiple areas that you need to drive between. If you find it to be to your liking, you can give them a good rating. Anyone looking to pre-register and receive an alert as soon as the game is released can do so on Nintendo's website.

Once you've crafted a piece of furniture, you're able to place it in your camping ground. The goal of the game is to decorate the campground to your animal neighbor's preferences and increase their friendship level.

But it's not all familiar; Pocket Camp introduces a few changes as well.

You can also go to the market place for furniture & clothing items to customize your character.

In Animal Crossing mobile there's a social element.

Whether it can keep players interested in the long term is another question for another day, but with the promise of seasonal events and the use of time to determine when certain characters appear, there should be enough ... at least until the franchise's inevitable appearance on the Switch.

Nintendo says the game will be available to download on both Apple iOS and Android app stores next month, although there's no word on a specific date yet.



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