EPA tells Puerto Ricans not to drink water from hazardous waste sites

Rudy Habibe from Puerto Rico stands by the burning Hilton Sonoma Wine Country hotel where he was

The warning comes as much of the island remains without access to drinking water in the wake of Hurricane Maria, which tore across Puerto Rico last month. "I spend my time in the backyard looking at the stars and talking to neighbors, who I barely talked to anymore". Maddow never mentions the doctor's name, but in a response to a query from the show, the Department of Health and Human Services refers to the doctor as "Dr. Khanna".

"I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack because we've spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico", he said. Some of those deaths weren't related to the hurricane; people die every day. "FEMA is going to be there for years", FEMA administrator Brock Long said two days after the storm hit.

After witnessing the "gross misuse of taxpayer funds and abuse of our privileged positions", Khanna wrote a lengthy resignation letter to the National Disaster Medical System. Most gas stations have reopened and people who once waited up to seven hours for fuel can now just drive up.

Most of the troops in the U.S. commonwealth are logisticians, medical specialists and aviation specialists, Buchanan said.

"We are still saving lives, we have to make sure we are taking care of patients in the hospital", Pesquera said.

Orcovis's mayor Colón complains bureaucratic requirements and the lack of coordination between the federal and local agencies in charge of clearing the roads is slowing things down. (EPA / Shutterstock) Sonia Torres, 60, inside her destroyed home in Aibonito, Puerto Rico, three weeks after Hurricane Maria hit.

"It's when times are toughest that you understand patriotism", she said.

"If the hurricane happened on day one and the death happens two or three days after or during it, it's more likely those deaths will be counted as a result of the hurricane", he said.

Pesquera said that the medical examiner is still reviewing all deaths that occurred in island hospitals around the time of the storm and the toll could rise further. "We want to think only about the benefit of the patient, and we want to be the example in the future".

Florida got much the same treatment.

"It's not only about the industry", said Alexis Derrios, the dispensary manager of San Juan-based Caribbean Green. According to a FEMA spokeswoman, the agency has paid for more than 1 million nights in hotels, so far. The new rule lasts until two weeks after the state of emergency has ended or until the board decides to terminate it.

The House approved an $36.5 billion aid package for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and to fight wildfires out west, with Rep. Rod Blum as the lone Iowan voting against it.

Waiting in line has become a daily activity in Puerto Rico. It is the proverbial long pole in the tent especially when dealing with recovery, the general said.

"It's what we deserve". "They keep saying it's an island". Puerto Rico's governor, Ricardo Rosselló, has since begged for another suspension, but mainland officials don't appear moved.

With limitations like the Jones Act in place and Trump threatening to cut off aid, activists are also looking to other channels for relief.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Meanwhile, President Trump did appear to take a softer tone on Puerto Rico today. "Before this disaster, Puerto Rico was already an economic disaster". Maria toppled tens of thousands of electrical poles - many made out of cement or embedded in cement. All the agricultural land has disappeared.

Yet the industry, still in its infancy, will still have to overcome some formidable challenges.

Puerto Rico is burdened with nearly $72 billion in pre-hurricane debt that is being overseen by a federally created oversight board. The territory has bordered on the edge of financial insolvency.

The dispensaries and manufacturing sites that are operational have become dependent on generators, and so they require a huge amount of diesel to stay afloat - which they say triples their monthly electricity bill.



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