Former soldier Henry Bolton elected as new leader of Ukip

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He is Ukip's fourth leader in a turbulent year marked by infighting which saw the party suffer a dismal general election, gaining just 1.8% of the vote share, down from 12.6% in 2015. A former soldier, Bolton is a one-time Lib Dem member who has worked as an European Union common defence strategist.

Based in Folkestone, the former soldier and police officer was considered to be a front-runner in the contest and had seen the odds on him winning fall dramatically in recent weeks.

Bolton stood for the Liberal Democrats in the 2005 general election and has worked for the EU.

The party is due to announce its new leader later at its conference in Torquay.

In a shock victory, the former solider beat anti-Islam campaigner Anne-Marie Waters with nearly 30 per cent of the vote.

It had been feared that a victory for Ms Waters would have seen the party lurch towards the far right, prompting up to 18 MEPs and scores of councillors and other members to quit the party's ranks.

Mr Bolton did not join UKIP until 2014, but quickly made an impression by becoming its candidate in Kent in the 2016 Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

He told the party members: "Brexit is our core task, however, it is not the end of the line".

Mr Bolton said he believes in "old-fashioned, classical liberalism", but feels it has "lost its way a bit".

The result came after the party unveiled a new logo - which cost around £2,000 to develop - replacing the pound sign with a lion.

Mr Hamilton reiterated his defence of the candidacy of anti-Islam campaigner Anne Marie Waters, saying she had been "demonised". Bolton reportedly said he was "fine" with the new design.

Paul Nuttall ran a disastrous leadership effort for eight months, after succeeding Diane James, who lasted just eighteen days in the role.

The party has been riven by splits and disagreements, one of which resulted in MEP Steven Woolfe being taken to hospital after a fight with another Ukip MEP.

He added: "I absolutely abhor the rhetoric that says we are at war with Islam".



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