Interplanetary Missiles Will Become A Mean Of Transportation On Earth

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Speaking at a conference in Australia on Friday, Musk informed that his company has looked into the possibility of transporting people anywhere on earth within an hour.

"The great thing about going to space is there's no friction, so once you're out of the atmosphere ... it'll be smooth as silk, there's no weather", Musk said. This means a BFR rocket will launch from New York, for example, detach from the rocket booster and head towards a landing pad in Shanghai and propulsively land in under 40 minutes.

SpaceX's proposed new rockets, called "Big F***ing Rocket" or BFR for short, and he wants to use these as a way to travel long distance journeys right here.

SpaceX plans its first trip to the red planet in 2022, carrying only cargo, to be followed by a manned mission in 2024.

In SpaceX's video, the idea is showcased that passengers get onto a large ship from a dock in and go to a floating launchpad in New York. But Musk vows that it would be the price of an economy airline ticket. Musk has a word for us doubters, though: conservative.

"We'll start construction of the first ship in about six to nine months". The comfort of the passengers is one of them. "So we looked at that and the results are quite interesting".

This would mean real progress for SpaceX, founded in 2002 with the objective to make humans a "multiplanetary" species. It could also be used much closer to home.

That, he said, would allow for the creation of a lunar base. Moreover, his Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) recently signed an agreement with the govt of Andhra Pradesh to connect the two cities of Vijayawada and Amaravathi. This form of travel, he claimed, can be funded by using the same spacecraft for all its missions, including high-paying jobs delivering satellites into orbit and supplying the International Space Station.



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