McDonald's Szechuan sauce is coming to Athens

McDonald's will offer its Szechuan sauce for one day only at select locations following an internet sensation spurred by fans of the show

Harmon spoke with Polygon at New York Comic Con this week and revealed that even he didn't see what was a one-off joke about the Mulan movie tie-in promotional sauce from 1998 going this far.

McDonald's is bringing back its special Szechuan sauce for one day only - but if you're in the Lehigh Valley, you'll have to drive a while to get it.

Starting at 2 p.m., customers will have the chance to select a Szechuan sauce packet with an order of buttermilk chicken tenders, said Carrie Barndt, who owns the University Avenue location.

"Guys, we did it".

McDonald's will also be releasing limited edition Szechuan sauce-themed posters along with the rest of the sauces in their lineup. McDonald's chef Michael Haracz said in a release.

Now, McDonald's across Tampa Bay - and the country - are likely to have long lines on Saturday as devoted fans try get their hands on a limited edition McNugget sauce from the '90s the show made popular. "It's a great moment for McDonald's and our fans that I'm definitely not taking for granted".

In July, McDonald's sent a jug of Szechuan sauce to the show's co-creator Justin Roiland after finding it in "a dimension where it's always 1998".

Harmon in his comments alludes to a page on McDonald's website displaying Szechuan sauce promo art that is somewhat reminiscent of Rick and Morty, without being too similar (in a legal sense). "Even if it takes nine seasons!" The same page contains a description of the Szechuan sauce "personality type" that is filled with vague references to Rick and Morty, but nothing that directly mentions the show or any of its characters. It was created to mimic traditional Chinese Szechuan Sauce, and it came complete with Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets and one out of a set of eight Mulan toys. Now the question becomes whether one goes to McDonald's to eat the sauce or to hoard the sauce and turn a profit when it becomes insanely rare and inexplicably valuable again.



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