Microsoft Edge Apps for iOS and Android Hit Preview

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Another perk of the Edge web browser for iOS and Android users is that they can effortlessly switch to the Google search engine instead of Bing that not many users are fond of.

Yesterday, Microsoft officially revealed that the Edge browser is coming to Android and iOS later this year. "Go anywhere and pick up where you left off by easily moving content between your mobile device and your Windows 10 PC*", explains Microsoft. Designed primarily for the Windows 10 OS, the Edge browser has a number of accessibility features built right into it. Microsoft promises to bring a much faster loading time with the Edge browser along with the least impact on the notebook's battery life.

If you already tried the new Skype experience, now available on iOS and Android as well as Windows, macOS and Linux in preview, you may have noticed that the classic presence controls ("Online", "Away", etc.) are gone.

The preview, for Android and iOS, is limited to US English for now, but the company says it'll expand language options later in the programme. It will be available soon for Windows 10 UWP app.

Launched as part of Windows 10 and created to replace the ageing Internet Explorer, Microsoft's Edge browser has not been an unalloyed success. For now, both iOS and Android users can register for the application testing (HERE).

As for features, the mobile browser will bring tentpole features like the New Tab Page, Reading List, Reading View and Favourites. It will soon be available for Android devices, but for now, you can explore it with the preview version.

I have said it before and will say it again until this changes if the restricted nature of adding extensions to the Microsoft Store continues then users will choose to not use Edge because the functionality that a robust extensions ecosystem gives them on browsers like Chrome, FireFox, and even Internet Explorer makes them more productive.

Microsoft tweeted about the development and also made a blog post.

Larger devices (iPads and Android tablets) are also not supported at launch. With Microsoft Launcher, your recent photos, documents and more can all Continue on PC as well, ' continued Belfiore. People using Arrow Launcher Beta will get the launcher today, and once it is out of preview, users will be automatically upgraded to it. Swipe right for a tailored feed of important events, top news, favourite people and frequently used apps.



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