Microsoft finally puts the brakes on Windows Mobile

Google Says Microsoft Is Exposing Windows 7 Users to Security Risks by Not Patching Bugs It Fixes in Windows 10

And, there aren't any chances that we will hear much about it in the future as well, because Microsoft has now confirmed that the company is no longer focusing on Windows 10 Mobile as well as new hardware. While Windows Phone fans had hoped Microsoft would update the platform with new features, it's now clear the operating system has been placed into servicing mode, with just bug fixes and security updates for existing users. The latest announcement of sorts related to the matter, which comes from Microsoft's Joe Belfiore via Twitter, is the final nail in the coffin. He wrote, "Building new features/hardware are not the focus". This also means that phone manufacturers will stop relying on Microsoft's casual attitude towards the operating system and will be looking to integrate Google's Android OS, since that is the only option left. This in turn made deterred developers from working on apps for Windows Phone. Instead, we think, from now on, the company is likely to focus on Android and iOS apps more than before.

When the Windows Phone 7 OS was launched, the Android operating system wasn't the nearly ubiquitous operating system that it is today.

Microsoft hasn't said anything official on its plans for Windows Phone, but recent history would not make such an approach surprising.

The web browser allows users to share websites between their smartphone and desktop computer, the site says, as well as photos, apps and files.

'We regret to inform you that at the end of March, the app version you're using is no longer supported and you cannot send and receive messages. In the end, he told the consumer that he should just "choose what's best 4 u".

Windows 10 Mobile tried to attract users by letting them run the same "universal apps" on both their PCs and handsets, but the concept failed to catch on.

However, he emphasized on switching to other platforms due to their app and hardware diversity.

Joe Belfiore addresses this in one of his tweets about the platform, writing: "We have tried VERY HARD to incent app devs".



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