OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5: What's the rumoured difference?

OnePlus 5T Rumoured To Feature 18:9 Aspect Ratio Display, Most Likely To Launch On November 20

The OnePlus 5T freshly made an impression at the AnTuTu benchmark recommending the OnePlus A5010 model name and placing related specs aside from a 20-megapixel front camera and a hike of the rear camera. These claims from Blass arrive a day after OnePlus 5T's specifications were leaked on AnTuTu. Now, this image does not specifically mention India, but considering the looks of it, and the "Amazon Exclusive" part at the very top of it, we're nearly certain this is India-related.

The image was reported by, which shows the OnePlus 5T off in the same fashion as its predecessor. It also mentions the launch date of the smartphone as November 16. According to the site, the device will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor and features a 6-inch QHD Full HD+ display. The Chinese phone manufacturer is now in the process of launching an upgraded version of OnePlus 5 which is OnePlus 5T.

The information found does provide a couple more clues about what to expect with regard to the OnePlus 5T. As reported previously, the catchphrase reads, "Larger display".

We have heard a lot about the new OnePlus smartphone recently, yesterday we saw a leaked photo of the device.

The location of the fingerprint sensor will be changed.

Also, OnePlus 5T will come with enhanced selfie camera which can click best photographs.

- The smartphone will likely be offered in variants, one with 6GB RAM and 64 internal storage and the other with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

This means that the OnePlus 5T will be in line with the latest mobile trend where the bezels are shed off for a sleeker and more seamless appearance.

The image surfacing suggesting the launch date as November 16 has surfaced along with the OnePlus 5T image in it. Judging by this image, we can safely say that the OnePlus 5T bears a similar profile to that of the Oppo R11s that was leaked recently and is scheduled to launch on November 2. But, OnePlus 5T is more than likely to retain that feature.



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