Shane McMahon Invested $500000 In A Marijuana Business

Shane Hmmmm

According to a new report from the New York Daily News, Shane McMahon has invested $500,000 into a legal marijuana company based in CT. Maybe it can be spun to say that McMahon invested in a company that doesn't grow marijuana but builds the facilities to grow marijuana even though it's still the marijuana industry.

Shane's role in the business was to help the modules - which look like shipping containers - get some buzz in the fast-growing world of cannabis farms and sales.

Shane's gung-ho attitude on growing ganja is a far cry from the view that some of his mom's fellow cabinet members have about weed. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly denounced the drug and promised to begin cracking down on legal states with the Department of Justice.

It's unclear what Linda McMahon's opinions about marijuana legalization are.

The SBA, which encourages entrepreneurship by providing loans to US start-ups, does not give seed money to cannabis companies.

Currently, 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for either recreational or medical use.

The New York Daily News reported yesterday that Shane invested $500,000 into a marijuana company called EnviroGrow based in CT.

Palmieri has denied all allegations in the lawsuit, with EnviroGrow CEO Dan Williams reporting that the company has already sold modules to four states. McMahon invested in the company and went to Fort Collins, Colorado, to their manufacturing plant and according to the lawsuit, found it virtually nonexistent, and demanded a return of his investment money, and Palmieri refused.

Neither McMahon nor his lawyers responded to requests for comment. "It's a great little business and it's up and coming".



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